Hooters Newly rennovated hotel with Hooters branding all over it.

Vegas Junky Hotel Review

The Twenty Dollar Trick Results
Tip Amnt:$20.00
Booked:'Standard Room'
Upgrade:'better standard room'
Check-in:May 21, 11
By: Randy Lahey

It was my first time trying this trick and it worked pretty good. Maybe I'm naive, but he said he would do more if he could, and I believe him. He said there wasn't much free. It was a smoking room (I think on the 2nd floor) and he moved me to the 19th floor. I believe it was 200 extra square feet. Not a huge step up, but $20 for 3 nights... I was pleased.
Tip Amnt:$60.00
Booked:'2x Standard Room'
Upgrade:'2x upper floor luxury rooms'
Check-in:Jun 28, 10
By: db

Tip Amnt:$20.00
Booked:'Standard Room'
Upgrade:'Luxury Room'
Check-in:Dec 11, 06
By: Xavier Smith

I checked into Hooters and slipped the front desk $20. She gave me a Luxury Room that had a seperate closet and suite area. It was beautiful!
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